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Mitch Huttema - producer, director, editor and visual artist.

My film New Washing Machine won the Student Shortwork Award at the 2019 Whistler Film Festival for it's naturalistic performances and fresh take on storytelling. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a certificate in Journalism in 2019 from the University of the Fraser Valley, where I took every opportunity to develop and integrate my passion for film into a traditional fine arts program. My interaction with other local creatives within those spaces and in the community of Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley shaped the way I work today.

In all my creative work my goal is to collaborate with other human beings to  create compelling film and video based solutions and stories that create space for human connection. I am interested in working out themes of memory, consciousness, and human experience.

In our everyday lives, there are moments far more beautiful than anything Hollywood can market, and it's my goal to make films that tap into those real life moments. I take inspiration from the passion of the lives of the people I live alongside and I enjoy working collaboratively to allow every team member to bring their own creative approach to the project. It's in collaboration that great films can be made.

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