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Produced by M. Hutt Films and Casey Kowalchuk Films

Alex Smith - Jerry Reep
Dave Cusick - News Anchor
Aaron Levy - Boss
David Ivan Neil
Kristin Witko
Jake Holmes
Laura Anctill
Navi Sidhu
Kelton Kowalchuk
Alex' Mom
Cliff Prang - Michael Trunk
Diggers - Nicolas Mandosa, Nitya St-Laurent, Corey Myers
Not Pictured: Matej Balaz, Johan de Best

Writer and Director - Mitch Huttema
Cinematographer and Post Production - Casey Kowalchuk
1st AC - Joel Robertson Taylor, Rheis Setter
Set Decoration - Miranda Louwerse

Special thanks: Colla Films, Nicholas Thielmann, the Klassen Family, the Louwerse Family, Lex Icon, The Rail District and all the cast and crew!

Funded by CIVL Radio and the Fraser Valley Music Awards.

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