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We put this film together between December 2019-February 2020, with no idea what lay in store for our world shortly following those months. We tried to capture the sense of tiredness daily life brings, and the strength we find in confiding in others. Then 2020 went on to prove that in very surreal way. We run this race together, even though it may not feel like it. Falling in step with one another encourages us to continue on. 


A huge thank you to the crew, locations and cast who made this film possible, their time and talent brought this idea to life made this project possible!




Shrey Vyas

Kasey Mazak

Maureen Mann

Liz Cha

Written/Directed: Mitch Huttema

Cinematography: Casey Kowalchuk

Producer: Matej Balaz/Colla Films

Gaffer/Gimbal Cam: Op Geoff Heith

Gaffer: Matt O'Shea

PA: Lucas Huttema


Gear rentals by:

Cassiar Film Co.

Colla Films

Gearbase Camera Rental

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