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This project was a music video for the track Longing for the artist Teen Daze. The film follows the life of an inventor in his longing to find meaning and purpose in his work and life.

Director: Mitch Huttema

Music: Teen Daze
Producers: Matej Balaz and Daša Netíková of  Colla Films
Cinematographer/Editor: Casey of Casey Kowalchuk Films
First AC/ Gaffer: Robin Léveillé
Movement instructor/set photographer/location owner: Leigh Hilary Lee
"The Inventor": Reg Rozee
Creature (unreleased): Hannah Bateman
"Young Inventor": Ezra Vandergugten (and Ben Vandergugten)
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Production Design: Daša Netíková
Makeup: Emily Walsh, Kelsey Kenyon
PA: Miranda Louwerse, Rheis Setter, Lexi Kowalchuk
Catering: Johan de Best
Location owner: Ken Schellenberg

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