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A Trailer for a Film

On a dreary fall afternoon in March I was searching from some visual inspiration as a mood study for another film I was working on. I took with me my camera to the yard outside the Mews – the affectionately named, run-down, 70's era B.C. box style house that I shared with several too many friends at the time – to capture some remnants of the downpour of rain that had graced the skies that afternoon. What resulted from the head space and situation I was in at the time was the following piece, which I affectionately call A Trailer for a Film.

*The music in this film comes from Andrei Tarkovsky's 1975 film "Zerkalo (The Mirror)" which I had been writing a paper on at the time and which been a source of influence for the larger film that I was working on as well.

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